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Cathy ( Mom)
Hello Sweet Girl, Today is 08/02/08
     Your Daddy is at a flyball tournament this weekend. He took Kendall with him, but she is no replacement for you. You would like Kendall. She has a great ball drive and would love to run with you. We miss you terribly.....I know it is very hard for your Daddy to be camping without you.
I still feel you in the house. Your soccer ball is right where you left it. It's actually funny to see your siblings laying in the flower bed by it.....but not moving it. Do you think they know you are watching?
I love you precious girl.

Jenny my big Sis,  we had so much fun.  I liked when we used to chase each other in the yard.  We would run and run until we would collapse in the grass and then we would sleep the afternoon away right therein the grass.  Remember when we buried each other in that huge pile of leaves??? 
  I hope you don't mind that I moved into your crate,  I can still smell you on the bed that's in there and it brings me comfort. 

  Your little sis
i miss her too. love deborah
Cathy (Mom)
My precious little girl,
I miss you so much that my heart actually hurts. I miss your little kisses, your little eyebrows and your pounce spin in the living room. I keep watching for you to come around the corner and I keep stepping over you each night when I climb into bed. My life is so blessed for having been your Mom. I carry one of your tags with me everywhere I go and I know you will always be a part of me. I'll continue to take good care of Abbie and Guido for you. Abbie is missing you very much. She has taken over your crate as her own and sleeps on your bed to find comfort in your absence.
You will never age for me. You will always be 5 years, 3 months and 3 days old.
I love you little princess. My you rest in peace until we meet again.

Kevin (Dad)
Wow,  where do I start with my memories.  Do I start with our daily 'playdate' every afternoon when I get home from work?  Or traveling with you and the family and camping all over Michigan, Ohio and Canada for your flyball tournaments?  Is it having you plastered to my side everytime I sat down?  There are so many great memories I can't even begin to pick one.  Thank-you Jenny for all the fun times we had in the short time you were with us.
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